We won an award!

Our chapter won an American Chemical Society Commendable Award, which is the second highest award that the ACS gives. It also happens to be the top honor our chapter has ever won.

Atlanta Science Festival

Get excited! We are a community partner of the Atlanta Science Festival and we will be doing a booth this year (Spring 2016) at the exploration expo. Curious about what this mysterious Atlanta Science Festival is? Learn more on their site here.

Boggs Renovations

Check out this article about the newly-renovated second floor of Boggs. Boggs is of course our lovely chemistry building known for the cozy you-could-survive-a-nuclear-war-in-here feeling. Additionally, the Chemistry & BioChemistry majors lounge is on the second floor, which is also where SAACS meetings take place. Check out the snazzy new digs.

New Fundraising Method

SAACS is trying out a new way to raise funds for our organization. Welzoo is a website that allows you to fundraise for student organizations or charities. If you make Welzoo your homepage, they will donate 3 cents to our club each day you go on the internet. We’ve already raise 7 dollars! Click on […]

New Website

We have a shiny new website! It might have a couple of kinks, so I’m sorry in advance if you find any broken links or things like that.