2018 Officers

Meet the 2018 SAACS officers!

President: Julia Manalo (reneejulia702@gatech.edu)
Third-year Biochemistry major
Fun fact: I procrastinate on doing actual work by learning random languages on Duolingo…..


Vice President: Akhil Upad (aupad3@gatech.edu)
Second-year Biochemistry major
Fun fact: When I was speaking Spanish with one of my colleagues at work, she thought I was Colombian. This occurred the morning after I had stayed up all night binge watching an entire season of Narcos on Netflix. Coincidence?


Secretary: Dinushka Herath (dinushka.herath@gatech.edu)
Fourth-year Chemical Engineering and Chemistry double major
Fun fact: [Insert fun fact here]


Treasurer: Aseeyah Islam(aseeyah.islam@gatech.edu)
Second-year Chemical Engineering major
Fun fact: amazing @ driving


Webmaster: Amitej Venapally (v.amitej@gatech.edu)
Second-year Biochemistry and Computer Science double major
Fun fact: I can speak 4 languages!


Social Chair: Josiah Davidson (jdavidson30@gatech.edu)
Third-year Chemical Engineering major
Fun fact: [insert fun fact here]


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christy O’Mahony